Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

I don't think there is any hope of our oldest having his two front teeth back in time for Christmas. I realize that many children lose their two front teeth at the same time. However, leave it to my child to lose them by some very unconventional means! The Monkey Man's favorite pastime is riding bikes at the Knoxville Skatepark with his dad (the biggest kid in my house).

One day this summer while I was enjoying some "mom time" at a friends house learning some new whole grain recipes, I got this call that began with "honey, now don't panic!" Of course, no words induce panic faster in a mother than those. My husband quickly related to me the events that had taken he and Caleb from the Skatepark and down the road to Children's Hospital Emergency Room.

When I arrived in the ER I found my son barely able to hold his head up because of a concussion and his face swollen from having his teeth knocked out. Apparently, my little baby had accidentally "dropped in" to this godforsaken place called the "flow bowl" and crashed at the bottom.
Praise God they were only his baby teeth. Two days later he was back at the Skatepark. Here he is at the end of November still without those teeth!
After his most recent trip to the skatepark, Caleb came home and informed me that he had "dropped in" again. As I ran across the room to inspect for injuries, he mustered all the "coolness" in his seven year old body and told me, " on purpose this time mom".


Finally an update! Things have been absolutely crazy around the Langford house for the last few weeks. Everyone is home and well and we have been struggling to settle back into a routine. With the holidays quickly approaching, I am not sure how long we can hold back the chaos.

(The Tater can never resist sneaking into a picture. Can you see her?)
The Little Man has reached 7 lbs 10 oz. He is growing so quickly now. He is smiling and laughing constantly. His favorite game is playing peek-a-boo with Lily.
The Screecher got the approval from her doctor yesterday to return to Ballet. She is very excited about that! My husband and I are about mid way through the second sub-term of fall in our classes, so we find ourselves studying more and more. I am pushing the children to make sure we have at least half of our homeschool year done before Christmas and now the Christmas Play begins. I do just love the holidays!