Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let it Snow!

A few weeks ago we got to enjoy a rare treat in East Tennessee, SNOW!! I bundled the kidos up in as many layers as I could get on them and sent them out with thier Daddy to build a snowman. Who knows, with the way the weather is here, it could be the only one they ever get to build.

What began as a simple trip outside to build the snowman quickly turned into screeches and screams as someone started a snowball fight. Nothing says love from Daddy like a face full of snow!

Of course, it didnt take the children long to join in. Even a 3 year old can manage to form a pretty decent snowball.

Finally, all of the hard work paid off and we had a snowman in the yard. Many thanks again to Ms. Faye for sending us all the wonderful hats. We got to use one on the snowman.

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