Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stones Rolled Away

Today, Easter Sunday, as I rejoiced over my risen savior, I also found myself thinking about those women who went early to the tomb of Jesus. I was sitting in our sunrise service this morning when I began to wonder how those women thought they would move the stone from the entrance of the tomb. How would they convince the soldiers to let them try to move the stone? Surely they knew that they would face these obstacles yet, they rose early in the morning and set out for the tomb to properly anoint the body of their Lord.

How different the Easter story would be if those women, when considering the obstacles, would have thought the task before them impossible and not even tried. Christ would still be risen, the world would still never be the same, but those women would have missed the blessing of witnessing the empty tomb. Mary would not have been the first to see the risen Lord. She would not have heard him call her name.

I began to wonder how many blessings we miss because we look down the road God is calling us to walk and only see the impossibility of the obstacles in our path.

What if we simply began to move forward in faith, knowing that our mighty God who is more than able, will make a way?

Would we build houses for orphans, would we feed the hungry, clothe the poverty stricken, begin a revival? Would we witness, first hand, God doing the impossible?

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