Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Homekeeping Tuesday ~ Homemade Shower Spray

Making huge changes all at once has always overwhelmed me. I find that I am a person much more suited to baby steps. I took this into consideration when I decided that to eliminate chemicals from my home. Instead of going through my house with a trash bag and purging every chemical product I could find, I simply wait until I run out of a product and then find a recipe and make a natural replacement.

Today I am out of shower spray so, here is what I am going to replace the chemical stuff with:

24 oz spray bottle (I buy these at the Dollar Store and keep several on hand)
½ cup of vinegar
6 drops Castile Soap
10 drops tea tree oil
10 drops sweet orange oil
Fill with distilled water

This version of shower spray is completely safe, costs less and works perfectly!!

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