Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dad's Perspective

I was so excited that I nearly squealed like a little girl when my husband, Stacy, aka "the love of my life" told me that he wanted to be a part of The Langford Life blog.

He will be dropping in a few posts here and there to offer a dad's perspective on some of my regular posts plus blogging on a few topics of his own.

This is especially exciting for me since he is part of the new inspiration behind my blog. You can read about that here.

Stacy is a totally hands-on daddy. He loves his kids and I love to watch him play with them.

Maybe the "hands-on" part comes so natural because he is just a big kid himself. He loves riding bikes, hunting and off-roading. I am encouraging him daily to start his own blog about his adventures as a homeschool dad. Trust me, there are some pretty exciting adventures around here!

Check back tomorrow for Stacy's first post on his new workout plan and how he plans to lose 40 pounds in the next four months.


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