Sunday, February 5, 2012

Langfordism ~ BYOB

It is not an uncommon occurrence at our house, when we are gathering around the table, particularly if this mealtime is more chaotic than usual, for one of the children to say, "Mom/Dad, is it "BYOB" tonight?"

This is where it generally becomes very easy to separate the regulars in our home from the newer guests. The regulars casually listen for a response from Mom or Dad and then comply along with the children with our response.

The newbies, however, have a wide range of responses that usually begin with a short surprised gasp and a jaw hitting the floor.

With new folks, there is almost always an immediate halt to conversation and activity. You can almost read what is passing through their mind from the look on their face. The mental dialog goes something like this: "What? Surely they aren't going to break out liquor bottles at the dinner table, with guests! They are good church going folk!"

I always enjoy that moment! I admit that with the new folks I hesitate just a moment longer before I respond to the child who asked the question. I know, I's sick enjoyment at my guests' expense. I am new at this whole hospitality thing.

Imagine the confusion when, if Dad or I answer in the affirmative, the children that already have their food politely bow their heads and pray. I sometimes wonder if the new folks think the kids are praying for conviction on their parents.

Fortunately for all, the confusion doesn't last long. Typically, one of the children politely explains to the new folks, with their mouths still hanging open, that BYOB means "Bring Your Own Blessing."

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