Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Gratitude List

I am starting my gratitude list over this year. If I am thankful for all things, find grace gifts all around me, I will quickly surpass 1000gifts.

I am reading the book again, reminding myself. It is so easy to forget. I can’t forget, not for me and not for the children. They must learn to practice eucharisteo. It is easier learned in the innocence of childhood. I added a page to their daily notebook to help, a simple reminder that His gifts are all around.

Their child clear eyes must be trained to see grace and beauty before they are covered by scales of heartache, world blinders. They must learn to look, actively look to be able to see.

#1 – Fresh Brown Eggs
#2 – Hugs from Mom
#3 – Toothless smiles

#4 – little boy pounds gained
#5 – new words
#6 – family of 6 + 1 dog and 1 cat all in one bed
#7 – Robins in winter
#8 – fluffy chickens
#9 – roosters crowing at 5:30
#10 – little fingers tapping my face in the middle of the night
#11 – stolen kisses in the laundry room
#12 – warm sunny days in January
#13 – skipping school for sunshine
#14 – dirty toddler faces
#15 – clothes covered in sidewalk chalk
#16 – mushy bananas
#17 – dishes piled high from 3 meals gathered around the table
#18 – warm spots in on the bed from sunlight streaming in

holy experience

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