Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joyful Parenting Review ~ Day 4

4. Today, when stress mounts, I pray to dismount it with gratitude. My stress management plan will be verbal thanks. I can feel only one feeling at a time, and I choose to give thanks at all times. Fight feeling with feeling!

This one has been the biggest life changer for me and the key is one simple word – VERBAL! Gratitude must be shown outwardly and expressed verbally.

When we appreciate something someone has done for us or given to us, we say thank you. We speak our thanks. We do not assume that they will know that we are thankful. We do not expect them to read our minds. The same should be true when we are thankful for the gifts and mercies of our Father.

When we speak our thanks not only do we impact ourselves but those around us. As mothers, we have the opportunity to speak life into our children. When they hear us being thankful, even in difficult and stressful situations, it is life-giving and even life changing for them.

By this simple practice the culture of our home is transformed from one of stress, doubt and faithlessness into a culture of abundance, joy and gratitude. Giving thanks allows me to be more joyful with my husband, children and all those I come in contact with.

Based on this principal I have even added a gratitude list to my children’s Daily Notebook.

About a year ago I read Ann Voskamp's blog for the first time. I fell in love with her writing style and her heart that shines through her words. After consuming every part of her blog in just a couple of days, I happened upon her Parenting Manifesto of Joy. I read it several times and then printed it. I posted a copy in my office near my computer so I could read it every morning before I wake my children. The above review is based on one point of that Manifesto.

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